Oakland Menu


Spinach Artichoke Dip

Served w/ salsa & tortilla chips – $8.99

Nick’s Crab Dip

Served w/ fresh tortilla chips – $8.99

Coconut Shrimp

6 coconut battered shrimp served w/

our sweet & spicy dipping sauce – $7.99

Fried Mushrooms

Beer battered mushrooms – $6.99

Wild West Bone-In Wings

Choose from Hot, BBQ, Honey Gold

& Sweet Chili wing sauces.

10 Wings – $9.99

BBQ Pork Nachos

Tortilla chips topped w/ cheese sauce,

house smoked pulled pork & bbq sauce.

Served w/ sour cream – $10.99

*add jalapenos – $0.50

Jalapeno Poppers

Bacon & cream cheese

stuffed jalapenos – $8.25

Fried Green Beans

Breaded w/ a crunchy fried onion

breading & deep fried – $6.99

Fried Pickles

Lightly breaded pickle slices, fried to

a golden brown perfection – $6.99

Tombstone Fries

Our signature fries topped w/ real bacon,

melted cheese & chives – $7.99

Potato Skins

Potato skins topped w/ real bacon bits &

cheddar cheese w/ chives – $7.99

Mozzarella Sticks

Served w/ marinara sauce – $6.99



Add to your Salad:

10oz Sirloin Steak $6.99 | Grilled Chicken Breast $5.99 | 6 Grilled Shrimp $6.99


Chicken Cobb Salad

 Grilled or fried chicken served on a bed of mixed

greens topped w/ bacon, egg, tomato, red onion &

cheddar cheese – $12.99

Chicken Caesar Salad

Grilled chicken on top of romaine lettuce

w/ croutons & Parmesan cheese – $10.99

Wyatt Earp’s House Salad

Fresh mixed greens, topped w/ bacon, tomato, 

cheddar cheese & red onions – $8.99

Chef’s Salad

Fresh lettuce w/ bacon, diced ham, hard boiled

eggs, cheese & red tomato – $12.99



*All of our hand cut steaks are fresh, never frozen*


Rare – Bright Red Center | Medium Rare – Red to Pink Center | Medium – Pink Center

Medium Well – Thin Pink Center | Well – No Pink in Center


All entrees are served w/ two sides

Add a Regular side for $1.99 or a Premium side for $2.99

Add 3 jumbo shrimp -$4.99

Wyatt Earp*

16oz Porterhouse steak – $28.99

Marshall Dillon*

16oz fresh cut ribeye – $28.99

Miss Kitty*

10oz filet mignon – $25.99

The Gunslinger*

12oz New York strip – $21.99

Billy the Kid*

10oz sirloin – $18.99

The Festus*

8oz ribeye – $15.99

Tombstone Beef Tips*

10oz tender and tasty with your choice 

of brown or white gravy – $17.99

Josephine Porkchop

12oz. bone-in porkchop, lightly seasoned

and grilled to perfection – $14.99

Grilled Chicken Breast

8oz grilled or blackened tender

chicken breast – $12.99

*Wyatt Earps Proudly Serves ALL AMERICAN PRODUCTS*

We proudly serve our customers only the best locally grown & raised American products.



All entrees served with two sides | Add 3 jumbo shrimp – $4.99

Grilled Salmon

Fresh Atlantic salmon topped with our signature

seasoning blend or blackened – $17.99

Jumbo Grilled Shrimp

Fresh Gulf shrimp, grilled and lightly seasoned – $14.99

Fried Catfish

Fresh USA farm raised Simmons catfish fillets

fried to perfection – $12.99

Ahi Tuna 

8oz fresh Atlantic tuna, topped with our signature

seasoning or blackened – $18.99

Blackened Catfish

Fresh USA farm raised catfish fillets,

blackened with a Cajun kick – $12.99






Roasted Chicken

Roasted chicken half w/ choice of 2 sides – $14.99

Pam’s Shrimp Pasta

Angel hair w/ jumbo shrimp and a light 

tomato, garlic, & basil sauce – $12.99

Country Fried Steak

Your choice of brown or white gravy w/ 

choice of 2 sides – $12.99

Hamburger Steak

8oz ground steak w/ grilled onions & brown gravy

and choice of 2 sides – $12.99

Chicken Tender Dinner

Four breaded & deep fried chicken strips w/ 

choice of 2 sides – $10.99

Fettuccini Alfredo

Fettuccini w/ fresh homemade Alfredo sauce – $11.99

Add grilled shrimp – $5.99 | Add grilled chicken – $3.99

BBQ Combo Dinner

1/2 rack of ribs or roasted half chicken w/ pulled pork

and choice of two sides – $24.99

Rack of Ribs

Slow cooked loinback ribs w/ sweet & smoky bbq sauce

w/ choice of 2 sides

Full rack – $28 | Half rack – $18



Served w/ your choice of 1 side.  Premium side add $1.00

The Cattle Drive*

1/2lb burger w/ Swiss, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce,

tomato, & pickles – $11.99

The Longhorn*

1/2lb burger w/ lettuce, tomato, pickle, & choice of

Cheddar, American, Swiss, or Pepper Jack cheese – $10.99

The Round Up*

BBQ sauce topped 1/2lb burger w/ bacon,

lettuce, tomato, & choice of Cheddar, American,

Swiss, or Pepper Jack cheese – $11.99




Served w/ your choice of 1 side.  Premium Side, add $1.00

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled or blackened chicken breast on a brioche bun

topped w/ lettuce, tomato, & pickle – $11.99


Crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato, & mayo

Choice of white or wheatberry bread- $9.99

Club Sandwich

Ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, & mayo on

white or wheatberry bread – $10.99

Philly Cheese Steak or Chicken

Philly Cheese Steak

Sauteed onions, bell peppers w/ provolone on a hoagie bun

or try it with chicken – $12.99

Country Cuban

Sliced ham, pulled pork, mustard, pickle, & provolone – $12.99

BBQ Pork Sandwich

House smoked BBQ, piled high on a brioche bun w/ slaw – $9.99




Free drink

Children 12 and under only

Grilled Cheese

Kids Classic w/ 1 side – $4.99


4oz burger w/ lettuce, tomato, pickle, & 1 side – $6.99

Fettuccini Alfredo

Fettuccini w/ Alfredo sauce – $5.99

Sirloin Steak

5oz sirloin fillet w/ 1 side – $7.99

Chicken Tender

2 tenders w/ 1 side – $6.99

Kids Spaghetti

With Angel hair and marinara – $5.99

Cheese Pizza

6in cheese pizza w/ 1 side – $6.99




Homemade Cake

Strawberry | Chocolate | Banana Nut


Wyatt Root Beer Float


Homemade Cobbler

Pecan or Blackberry – $5.99

Add scoop of ice cream – $1.99

Bowl of Ice Cream with Toppings

Toppings: Chocolate | Strawberry | Caramel





~Regular Sides~

Coleslaw | Garlic Mashed Potatoes | Whole Green Beans | Mixed Vegetables |

Mac ‘N Cheese | French Fries | Fried Okra | Cinnamon Apples |

Vegetable of the Day (ask server)



~Premium Sides~

Side House Salad | Side Caesar Salad | Fried Green Beans |

Onion Rings | Baked Potato | Sweet Potato Casserole | Loaded Baked Potato Casserole



Coke | Diet Coke | Sprite | Dr. Pepper | Root Beer |

Fruit Punch | Sweet Tea | Unsweetened Tea | Coffee


  – Wyatt Earp’s Signature Choices

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may

increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.